Film Charleston

Ask us about the Film Charleston experience, where you and your client can come down for the scout and call backs at the end of one week, then enjoy legendary golf, fishing, sightseeing, or the beaches over the weekend, and shoot your spot the next week, all at half the cost of a metropolitan area.

I grew up in Charleston, South Carolina, spent 4 years in Los Angeles and 25 years in New York, then came back on home to live on the Isle of Palms right outside of Charleston. While I'm back in the south, I can look at all of it's beauty with a big city eye, but also keep my other eye on the fact that I am from here. Because I am from here, the mutual respect and shared history give me unequalled access, with the assurance that I will take care of the local owners as much as the production companies.

With the arrival down here of some very seasoned New York veteran live action producers and the already burgeoning New York trained acting talent, we have quite an asset that usually is only seen in catalogs and features, but not in commercials. The fact that all of these locations are within fifty miles of Charleston, and that it is a right to work state, make Charleston an experience that neither you nor your client will forget.